Charter quality canyoning and respect of the environment

             Charter of good practices of the canyonism National Labor union of the Professionals of the climbing and the Canyon

             The Canyonism is an activity that asks for a particular attention of part its environment and the mode of progression used to take advantage of the wild natural spaces that we cross at the time of our runarounds. The National Labor union of the Professionals of the climbing and the Canyon transfers in the charter that we publish, the recommendations that engage our responsibility of professionals every day. These simple reminders are there to reinforce the quality of our frames, and the transmission of our knowledge.
             I. To prepare our outlays while informing us by Weather report France and the hydrology operators of the conditions in the canyon, while having knowledge of the typography of the pouring bowls as well as the precise topo of the runaround.
             II. To have and to distribute to every participating an adapted material and in the standards.
             III. To inform and to check the technical and physical expertises required by the participants for the considered exit.
             IV. Before the departure in the canyon and all along the coming down, clearly to express the orders of security but also the information bound to the natural environment.
             V. The security in canyon is dependent of the volume of the staff framed. A number reduces participants is a guarantee for the quality of the exit, but also for conviviality and the respect of the Nature.
             VI. A Canyon is not a park of leisure to sensations, it is a fragile natural habitat, marginal to the merchant consumption.
             VII. During the coming down, an attention all particular must be granted to the clearings of obstacles by jumps. We recommend to limit the height of the jumps with participants strongly that one frames for the first time. The training must be progressive and one must never forget that if one acquires the ease with the passing of the coming down, one also accumulates the strain.
             VIII. As professionals, we have the last word however that may be.
             IX. To know how to renounce is lien of professionalism.