- Eco Responsable -

- Material cleaned thanks to a system of
irrigationsupplied with a source.
- Disinfection and cleaning of the combinations
with the help of a biodegradable product.
- Maintenance and surveillance of the natural
sites operated.
- Shuttles by minibus to avoid the multiple
displacements in the Park.

Season Canyoning of May to October

             During this period Bambou Canyon will be happy to receive you in his base camp of the Gîtes de Labahou - Gîtes de France, welcoming and cordial manager situated in the center of a Bambouseraie. You can choose from then on the canyon to be discovered in adequacy with your level and if you it wished, to take advantage of hostings.
             It is to the departure of this site and thanks to the shuttle of Bambou Canyon bets to your provision, that will take place the transportation toward the different canyons.
             Bambou Canyon will also allow you after a "Pot" of welcome, to try equipments supplied by the structure for your aquatic activity. On the return to every expedition, we shall establish a debriefing of the release and we shall offer you the photos of your release.

             By mind of security, the groups will be limited voluntarily to 8 people with the monitor. The proposed products will be before a whole play access to discover the canyoning rather than a sporty performance. The programs will remain accessible to all, without requisite experience. It will only be necessary to know how to swim and to have to the minimum 8 years.
          Adapted equipment provided by Bambou Canyon to every participant posts for an exit :
- Helmet
- Wetsuit
- Socks
- Harness
- Bag
          Equipment to foresee :
- Good shoes of type Sneakers/Rando
- Swimsuit
- Of what to hydrate you
... And well on a picnic for the day.
Everything that should remain to the dry will be stocked in insulated cans to the substance of the bag (KIT).
             To the return of every hike, the material will be washed disinfected then as well as a check of the EPI undertaken.

          Not to be the subject of one against medical indication to the practice of the canyoning. All medical processing should be indicated at the time of the inscription.
           If you carry glasses or ophthalmic lentils, rather opt for your glasses provided with a cord, the lentils risk to be lost at the time of the jumps in water.
          For the minors wishing to participate in this activity, a parental authorization will be obligatory.
           Bambou Canyon and his monitor are covered by an insurance contract in Professional Civil Responsibility, but we recommend you to own your own insurance in Responsibility Civil Private Life.
           In case of cancellation of outlays due to the climatic conditions judged delicate by Bambou Canyon for the practice of the activity, we will propose to you either a different canyon, either the repayment of the are engaged.