Passionate since numerous years by the nature, the mountain, its big spaces, the vertical, the canyoning and its natural sites, its noises and its silence.... today my professional life diversifies.
            Guide of canyon DEJEPS distinction canyoning, I now propose you to come to join Bambou Canyon and my customized accompaniment for a discovery of the canyons of your choice in the limpid waters of Cévennes.

             Born in 1988, after my studies, a vigor pushes me toward the pleasures of the climbing and the canyoning. These discoveries fantastic with the vertical and the height decide me to pass a diploma of Cordiste in 2009.
Many yards of securisation of cliffs bind me more again with the cords.
            So thanks to this ideal situation, I can continue to discover new Massifs and new Canyons.

            Graduate of the National Patent of the Ski patrolmen First-aid workers since 2011, I alternate a job in High Savoie in Flaine during 5 months, and my passion of the canyoning.

       Benoît HABBAK