Your reservation is effective only with reception of an installment corresponding to the amount of a place for the desired activity. The balance will have to be regulated at the latest before the beginning of the service.

In the event of registration less than 15 days before the date of service, the totality of the service is to be regulated.

Any registration implies :
- whole adhesion with our general terms of sale.
- to know to immerse itself and to know to swim at least 50 meters.
- not to have of against medical indication to the practice of our activities
- the perfect comprehension of the recommendations of practice of the chosen activity*.


1 . Bambou Canyon can decide to modify (place, day, hour of return) to cancel or stop a service in the following cases :
 - minimal number of participants unfulfilled
 - case of absolute necessity or question of security
2 . too high water level.
3 . « Oranges » alerts of Weather-France envisaged on our department do not involve of anything automatic cancellation services. We recommend to you to telephone to us in case of doubts.
4 . The cancellation of the service of our share causes the refunding of the entirety of the sums perceived without additional allowances.
5 . In the event of cancellation of your share :
- With more than 8 clear days before the activity, 20% of the full amount of the service will be retained for overheads.
- Between 7 and 2 clear days before the activity, 30% of the full amount of the service will be retained.
- Less than 2 clear days before the service, no refunding will be carried out.


The products available to the sale relate to sporting services of nature framed by holders of diplomas of state.


1 . If the circumstances require it, the places of activities or certain services of the program can be modified without notice.
2 . Each participant must conform to the rules of prudence and security given by the monitor which reserves the right to exclude any person whose behavior compromises the security or the wellness of the group. In this case no allowance of refunding could be due.
3 . Robbery and degradations : Bambou Canyon declines any responsibility in the event of loss, robbery or degradation of the personal goods.


1 . Connecting the customers with the guides and monitors in the realization of the activities, Bambou Canyon is titular of a police of civil liability insurance N° OO1247  from SNAPEC.
2 . In addition, all the monitors intervening for Bambou Canyon have a professional civil liability insurance.
3 . The professional civil liability insurance of the monitors not covering the participants under “individual accident insurance”, it is strongly advised to subscribe an insurance in “individual accident insurance” valid for the accidents at the time of the practice of the activities of nature.


1 . Unless otherwise specified or hiring of equipment, the price of each service understands the framing by a qualified instructor of State, sporting equipment necessary to the practice of the activity.
2 . The prices get along in euros and are including all taxes. The rates are valid until the 12/31/2015.


1 . An deposit corresponding to the amount of a place of the selected service is exigible so that the reservation is effective. The balance will have to be regulated at the latest before the beginning of the service.
2 . The payments can be carried out by one of the average following : cash, cheque or bank transfer.


In case of litigation, the court of competent jurisdiction will be that of the legal district on which Bambou Canyon depends.


Bambou Canyon reserves the right to use the pictures taken at the time of its services to illustrate its various booklets, advertizing, its website, except adverse opinion of the participant who if necessary must expressly stipulate it on plain paper.


Bambou Canyon reserves the right to modify the present general terms of sale and that without notice.