And especially in Anduze, picturesque tourist village to the door of Cévennes.
            The massif Cévénol and its mountains - that they are gardoises, from Lozère or from Ardèche - offer you a variety of landscapes and human wealth that makes the speciality of this place protected by the National Park of Cévennes, world reserve of the Biosphere to the UNESCO.
            This ideal situation allows us to propose you like activity the Canyoning.
            In this fabulous decor, you will discover at the heart of the exceptional erosion of these grooves shaped during millenniums, the practice of the Canyoning in security above all, that it is in family or enters friends.

The Canyoning in some words :
             It is to descend a torrent whose water created with the passing of the time cascades, chutes natural, long narrow millraces and of big basins of crystalline water.

An user-friendly atmosphere

            Within a grassy, refreshing environment and close to the nature, you will taste in small groups the joys of the chutes, jumps, coming down in reminder, yodel and swimming.

Bambou Canyon

            To chosen for you a large choice of runaround, of the aquatic hike to the sporty canyoning, adapted to your budget, to your desires and to the capacities of each.

Our offers are various

            They address the children as well from 8 years that to the committees of enterprises, summer camps or... funerals of bachelor life.