Canyoning stages (Progression and Autonomy)

Bambou Canyon organizes Discovering stages and Improvement stages in itinerant on several days.

The stages could proceed in France or abroad, in the know massifs for their mythic canyons, as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Balearic Islands or even in Corsica.

They are especially for people who want to acquire the necessary technics for canyoning practices in autonomy.

I don’t want to propose you a “catalogue stage” with solutions which go to the canyoning cases, this is not that.

I would like to propose you a tailor made stay, completely adapted to your level and your expectations. We cannot propose you a tailor made stay with a predefined and strict program. If necessary, we will not hesitate to come to you and change of accommodation to enjoy of the weather conditions and chosen canyons.

Program Idea :

- Choice of the canyon according to the weather and hydrological conditions.

- Preparation of the trip, choice of the equipment, preparation of kits …

- Direction (canyon access, cartography…)

- Obstacles analysis (water moving, mooring, jump managing …)

- Move in canyon (parades, de-escalation, friction managing…)

- Installation of rope (handrail, disengageable, managing of frictions)

- Visual code and sound code

- Ascent on rope, guided abseiling, staggered relays…

And especially the errors to not to do.

The stages are accessible from 16 years old, they don’t include accommodations, which will be suggested after by the instructor. Also, the transport could be offered following the demand.

Some stages places are programmed in advance but some others could be created “a-la-carte”, according to your needs and adapted to your level.

Tarifs per person : (Coaching, individual insurance and equipment loan)

- 140 € per day if 2 participants.

- 100 € per day if 3 participants

- 80 € per day if 4 participants

- 70 € per day if 5 participants

- 50 € per day if 6 participants

Stages canyoning Spring 2019


I'm organizing a stage in the Maritim Alps Pyrenees from 23, 24, 25 and 26 May 2019.

Program: The most beautiful Canyons of The southern Alps.


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