Hiking of the Pic St Loup

Mythic summit of Hérault : view at 360°

The Pic Saint Loup is the wonderful point of Montpellier’s surroundings. We propose you to discover it by the north face and to go down in five amazing abseiling (from 10 to 50 meters).

Improve in full security on a discreet road, count a well hour of walk in climb, to arrive at the summit of Pic ! 

We will enjoy to nosh on a striking point of view, take a look on Alps, Pyrenees, Cévennes, the sea and speak about this mystic mountain surrounded by garrigue, which is a truly natural fortress.

In a second time, we will start the insolite descent by the begin of the two slopes. We will sneak and descend by abseiling in a hole of the south part. For finally access to
a underground network, which will lead us at the feet of the north part. 

This trip will ask you endurance, physically as technically. At the end of this course you will have a great reward in terms of feelings !


Around 5h

Do not forget

Sneakers, sport clothes, bottle of water, picnic in a backpack.

From to

12 years old




All the year


50€ - 45€ from 6 people